The Green Experiments

From my time in the Northwest, I had grown accustomed to a certain kind of lifestyle.  One of which, my VA hometown was not clued into when I left just 4 years ago.  Upon return, I’ve happily found that the importance of locally grown, organic food and farmers markets is on their radar now.  Other sustainable concepts like handmade and homemade are on the up and up as well.

Part of my “Homestead In Suburbia” project includes the trial and error process of seeing what I will and won’t handle about living more sustainably as I apply more of the knowledge and practices I learned during my time away.  I am also finding out what modern conveniences I’m ready to let go of and which ones I just won’t do without.

The Green Experiments are about my experience with this experimental phase of my life as I walk the line of transitioning from a homegrown suburbanite to … um…something else?… that isn’t identifiable…yet.  In any case,  I believe in the law of balance and I would love to find that seamless line where mainstream culture and counter culture interact in a beautiful dance we call PEACE.  Instead of being “a product” of one or the other, I cultivate the fruits of each and share both, equally.

For now, it’s all about taking those steps to learn the dance…

Experiment 1:  My Own Common Scents

Experiment 2:  What Can We Do Now?  It’s The Little Things


One thought on “The Green Experiments

  1. Thank you for being a partner in this transition. I too am moving from my roots as a homegrown suburbanite to the un-defined next stage and I too believe in the law of balance. I swing back and forth across that hopefully someday seamless line between who I am and who I want to be. I am learning to share my process with the slow dissolving of my line between self-judgement and self-understanding. I feel like this post should be connected in some way to my blog at A different story of the beautiful dance we call PEACE. Thanks again Ally for sharing I love connecting in with your words.

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