The Groundwork

Week 0 – Taking Inventory of the Property

On a budget and wanting to work with what I have.  I walk the grounds of the property taking inventory of what has been left behind for me to use.

  • One old rectangular garden plot left behind by brother Sean.
  • 2 Pear trees
  • 1 Fig tree
  • 3 Blackberry patches
  • 2 Raspberry patches
  • 5 Blueberry plants, 3 more to plant
  • 6 Tomato plants growing out of compost
  • 2 Squash plants growing out of compost
  • Many unidentified bushes, flowers and plants from previous landscaping projects
  • Shit-ton of weeds
  • Lots of flat stones to work with
  • Broken fence posts
  • 1 Very large compost pile to be cleaned out and reconstructed
  • 1 small plastic compost container filled with soil
  • 2 small plastic containers full of seed packages
  • Front Porch to be cleaned up
  • Back Stone Patio with Wysteria Arbor to be cleaned and fixed up

To be done:

  • Construct, plant, tend and beautify old garden plot
  • WEED!
  • Redo compost area
  • Cleanout, weed and replant front flower/herb garden
  • Fix fence posts/rebuild
  • Build fence for garden?
  • Build firepit/sitting area near garden
  • build solar/cob over
  • irrigation system
  • rain barrels
  • clothesline
  • Go through seed containers, organize and plant
  • Clean up and replant,mulch in planted areas around the house

We have a about an acre of woods in the back that I have yet to explore and harvest from.  We’ll see what I find.  In the meantime, I’ll be using what is in plane sight and borrowing from neighbors who are doing their own landscaping projects.  I see lots large cut branches and tree trunks neighborhood.


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