Week 3 – A Lasagna Feast

Lasagna sits awaiting her dinner guests to be:

  • Pepper plants from Jim at Oak Shade Farm
  • Cabbage from Oak Shade
  • Amaranth from Kristina and Bene at Im Guten Grund, Germany
  • Cucumbers from Sean’s seed stash
  • WeiBe Cucumbers from Im Guten Grund
  • Cantelope from Bronwyn
  • Sweet Jade Corn from Im Guten Grund
  • A variety of squash, watermelon and unidentifiables from the compost:)
Built a rock wall around the raised bed.  Planted Sage, Parsley, Heartseed Herb and Agastach Anisata (geat pollinator and perennial) into small herb section in tilled part of garden. Planted a second patch of carrots for later harvest.
Seedling Update
Watermelon – growing strong
Zuccinni – finally up and doing well.
Tomatoes – Too many!! 🙂 no complaints.
Tomato Transplants – Made it!  Very strong, very vibrant.
Basil – Solid.
Egg Plant – Zilch
Spinach – Nothing
Pepper Patch – just more tomatoes from the compost fill.
Carrots – Doing their best.
Squash Transplants – Very strong!! Many blossoms and I’ve sighted the beginning of a squash, yay!
So everything I need is planted…for now.  So time to move onto other tasks.

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